Monday, October 28, 2013


For those of you wondering: WHAT NOW?

For the teens seniors about to graduate high school next spring, for the college students trying to navigate their majors, for the 20 somethings asking the question - when and how do I start??, for the Mom's who aren't sure of their daily impact, for the empty nesters asking a similar question of the 20 somethings - WHAT NOW?

Its common.  Purpose - is a life driver.  So it's okay to ask, depending on what season of life you are in, every year, every 10 years, or more.  For those of you wondering, I'm in the journey with you.

Here's just a little encouragement for you.  I just attended a women's retreat with my church and was so inspired by the speakers (2 ladies living out their calling!), and the fellowship of WOMEN!  There was good conversation, a few tears, and lots of laughter - the perfect recipe for inspiration.

So, I've come back with a little perspective.

A Quick summary of my post high years

  •  4 Years of Ministry & Training 
    After Graduating I went the Teen Mania Ministries to do a leadership Internship and then became a staff member, directing and counseling young women. 
  • 1 Year in India 
    After leaving Teen Mania I got prepared to spend an entire year in the beloved country of India.  I observed, I learned, I fell in love! (Spent time with and Anti-Trafficking Org & the Poorest of the Poor at Mother Teresa's Institution). 
  • 1 Year & Going at Home
    After being away for 5 years from my family and a community of people very near and dear to my heart, my main goal was to spend time here.  I also have been learning everything I can about homemaking, and have had the wonderful opportunity to develop my business skills while working at my Aunt's Fabric Store.   

All of the above were goals of mine - Although I only planned to be at Teen Mania for one year and then go to India directly after that and a slew of other things happened that I could have never EVER planned myself in the past 6 years - I feel absolutely honored and privileged and amazed at GOD and how BIG his plans are for my life.

Still, I find myself here - wondering.  Wondering again - Am I where I'm supposed to be?  Scared - Will I let my life go to waste?  Isn't that funny?  If you look at the list above you would think "She has the least reason to be worried," but I guarantee that you don't either.  That is just our little human heart - You can relate can't you?

Take a Moment - Think over the ways that God has orchestrated your life in the past 5-10 years or longer and see how many blessings you have to count. I encourage you to write them down and share them with a friend.  If you feel like you don't have many (and before you answer - Children are a blessing, family is a blessing, peace and joy are a blessing, knowing Christ is a blessing, and trials are also a blessing )- Ask yourself if you have been open to God's leading.

Have you:

  1. Asked
  2. Listened (Don't over-complicate this, God won't make it hard to hear, the hard part is the next step).
  3. Obeyed
  4. WAITED - this can be inserted before or after anyone of these steps ;))

80% of people miss the first step - ASKING

Jesus has a plan for your life - I promise!  God also has a mind BIGGER than you can imagine.  So try, try to out-dream him - You won't. 

I asked both ladies this weekend about their dreams and it was very obvious that God used a gift that he had given them and is using it for HIS glory.  For both of them, that dream was started in their (30's or later), and they agreed it was in God's perfect timing.  I guarantee that the time spent before that was not a waste though - they were in training.  

I walked away trusting that I am in this step: WAIT.  Just wait, and remember - This season is chalked full of purposeful things.  Trust that. 

Psalms 37:7

Things that everyone of us can do during the waiting season are: 
  1. LOVE - Take the opportunity and don't miss it to love the people around you, and love them well, really well.
  2. SERVE - Serve, serve, serve.  Yes - It is in fact, one of the most fulfilling things you can ever dedicate your time to. (Remember - 'Wait'resses serve)
  3. KNOW GOD - This is our ultimate purpose in life - higher than any other.  Know Jesus - as a friend, a Father, and Lord - know Him deeper, and better, and more - continuously. 

Any life fulfilling these three things is purposeful - I guarantee it - because it is in accordance with God's heart.

This is a great time of year to write down your goals for the next year.  Pray first, write them down and share them with a friend.  If you're serious about starting your dream I encourage you to meet with a friend or small group periodically to update and encourage each other on the progress of these goals.  Create a plan now.

I am challenged in this waiting season (and whatever season you are in) to live to the fullest - FULL of joy - Overflowing with love - Full of JESUS!

If you feel like you need a word on your current purpose in life - ask a friend!  Or please feel free to write me ( or on Facebook) - I would love to pray for you and see what God says.

Thank-you to all the ladies who refreshed my heart this weekend!


  1. Thanks Shyla! This was an encouragement to me! The fear of "getting too comfortable" is something I worry about. Like you I spent time in ministry overseas and have a heart for missions. Just today I realized this time is a blessing. We have the opportunity to "pickle ourselves" in the Word of God and seek Him. We don't have to run around like Martha and worry about things of this world but rather sit at Jesus' feet like Mary. He knows our life's story so lets rest in Him and serve Him wherever we are placed! Love you girlie!

  2. Helen, you are such a treasure to me! Thank-you for sharing! So you can relate too - I'm glad I could share with you. Let's pray for each other!

  3. Beautiful, Shyla! I love these sweet words of encouragement. I can definitely relate, too -- I'm turning 25 in two weeks, graduating from college in two months, and working on staff with a campus ministry for the unforseeable future... praying about where God will lead next! It's easy to get caught up in the details and forget to wait patiently. Thank you, friend. :)

  4. Kailene - So good to hear from you lovely woman! I'll remember you in my prayers of faith :))

  5. Shyla, you are in the perfect place! Those who wait upon the Lord WILL renew their strength. They will mount up on wings like eagles (remember the eagle?). God has great plans for you and loves you dearly.

    What a privilege to meet you, dear girl. Your countenance shines with peace and joy.



    1. Rhonda!

      Thanks for taking time to read this! The Lord has been assuring me again and again that this is a waiting season and a great time to serve. I was so blessed by your message and have been blessed by following you on FB. Hope to stay in touch.


  6. I love your blog and just shared this page with a girl who was in my core my CA year.

    Honestly though it didn't strike home for me until I read these comments. Just hearing the season you are all in right now, encourages me, because i feel very much like I am in a waiting season as well, which is still a living season. But I constantly have this nagging feeling that I'm not doing enough because of all the things and places and people God has put on my heart. Yet I am here in south Texas, working and living with my family. Yet God has put here on my heart as well. It really is a difficult thing to take one dream at a time and to know when to let go of one season in order to grab onto the next. Though all in all, we should really be grabbing onto Jesus.